Environmental Policy

At Jardim do Vau we are committed to protecting the environment and to reducing the impact of the resort’s daily operation on the environment.

Conscious of the impact that the tourist activity has on our natural resources and climate, we will strive to manage our waste in an efficient manner, avoid pollution, install energy saving devices whenever possible and encourage our guests to respect and contribute towards our efforts so that together, we may minimize our impact on the environment.

Our main goals towards environment management are:

In order to comply with the broadest sustainability criteria, including our social and economic impact and employee welfare, the Travelife Golden Award will be achieved until 2016.

Electric Energy Provision and Management
The electricity consumption at Jardim do Vau is 0.40 kilowatt per client and per day. Operationally, Jardim do Vau agrees to:
- Ensure that all equipment purchased is classified as energy efficiency class A.
- Ensure that all employees are properly trained in energy saving.

Energy Saving Initiatives
Jardim do Vau will ensure optimum energy efficiency by undertaking the following:
- Use low energy consumption light bulbs or LED lights in all public areas, apartments and service areas.
- All apartments are equipped with energy saving control units

Water Management
Jardim do Vau will install water saving devices so as to reduce the water consumption but without compromising the client’s comfort.

Water Saving Initiatives
All apartments will have water flow reducers ~installed on all taps and shower heads.
All cisterns will be manipulated in order to fill only half the amount of water permitted in the tanks.

Hot Water Supply
The hot water supplied to the apartments will, from 2014, be produced from:
- Solar Panels
- Electrical Heating

Waste Management
Jardim do Vau minimizes the production of solid waste in all areas of the resort and encourages guests to join our recycling programme. Specifically:
- Recycling all glass, paper, card board, batteries, oils, plastic and electronic devices
- Minimizing the use of paper

Chemical Usage
Whenever possible, Jardim do Vau will avoid using chemicals considered harmful to the environment and which are identified as such by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

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