Sustainable Tourism Policy

Jardim do Vau intends to participate actively in the protection of natural resources thereby helping to preserve the environment for future generations and tourists who visit our resort.

Our employees
We are proud to have a permanent team which is one of the company’s best assets and which uphold the company policies. Therefore, it is our legal and moral duty to care for our staff, so that they may continue to perform their duties in an efficient manner that promotes client satisfaction.

We aim to:
- Maintain the competency level of our staff
- Maintain a fair job application process for any available position in the company so as to ensure equal access to all applicants
- Ensure that all contracts comply with the national legislation
- Ensure that all staff has; the appropriate training regarding the company’s philosophy and culture, health and safety, employee benefits and expectations are met regarding the performance of their duties
- Certify that all employees are encouraged to improve their skills and knowledge

Local community
The social environment in which we operate and the company’s relationship with the same, is a key factor for local and business development. We believe that the cooperation between the community and the local companies brings benefits to all involved.

We aim to:
- Donate unused items to charitable institutions
- Employ local citizens and continue to cooperate with local educational institutions with a view to accepting regular training programmes for the various departments in the resort
- Give preference to the purchase of goods and services that are produced or promoted by local companies

The Jardim do Vau management believes that it is essential that all employees participate in the conservation of natural resources. This will bring short and medium benefits for all.
We will endeavour to protect the environment and use the natural resources responsibly by reducing the impact of our business on these resources and implementing sustained protection measures whenever possible.

Electricity and gas
It is our intention to reduce electricity and gas consumption as from 2014, by implementing the following procedures
- Daily monitoring to manage and reduce the energy consumption
- Use solar energy to reduce electricity consumption
- Use Led lamps or infrared lights sensors in public areas
- Use energy saving control units in all apartments
- Use energy efficient electrical appliances
- Continuous employee training to turn off lights and other electric appliances when not in use

It is our intention to reduce our water consumption from 2014, by implementing the following procedures:
- Install water flow reducers to all taps and shower heads in the apartments
- Reduce the amount of water in the cisterns
- Invite our guests to join us on our sustainability policy by displaying information in the apartments appealing to guests to reduce their request for daily towel and linen change, as well as training our employees accordingly

It is our intention to reduce the amount of waste produced in all areas of the resort by encouraging our guests to follow our recycling policy:
- Buy products in larger quantities thereby reducing the number of packaging
- Reduce the use of plastics and paper to the minimum possible
- Recycle glass, paper, cardboard, oils, plastic, metal and batteries

It is our intention to avoid chemicals which may be harmful to the environment, as well as reduce the amount of laundry by raising awareness to employees and guests.

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