Privacy Policy

At Jardim do Vau we respect the privacy of our clients and we thank you for your trust. This document serves to inform you on how we use your personal data while navigating on our website.    

All personal data that Jardim do Vau has access to will be treated by CONVAU – Construções do Vau Ltd (Jardim do Vau’s commercial name), fiscal number 501169393, with head office at Jardim do Vau, Praia do Vau, 8500-820 Portimão, herein after known as Jardim do Vau. This firm is responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and ensures compliance with the current legislation in force, as well as the technical security measures taken in relation to handling personal data. 

Which personal data is used by Jardim do Vau?

Name, address, e-mail and telephone numbers. Your personal data is required so that Jardim do Vau may provide the services that you request. Without this information Jardim do Vau is unable to carry out your booking request.    

Why do we use your data?

Your personal data is collected to assist us in processing your booking so that we can provide the services you request. We aim to provide you with the ultimate in client satisfaction, before, during and after your stay, and by having your contact information we will be able to contact you in relation to matters concerning your stay with us.

How is your personal data collected?

        On our Website and Mobile App

When making a reservation, you will be required to fill in a reservation form, which includes your name, address and contact information as well as certain deposit information such as your credit card details. 

We retain a copy of your personal data in our cloud database to allow us to process your booking. Your payment details are protected through encryption technology. Only designated members of staff have access to your personal data, which is stored for the exclusive use of Jardim do Vau. 

       Through our e-mail address or by calling our reception front desk

You may also send us a direct email or call our front desk to make a reservation. In order to process your booking we will ask you for your name, address, telephone number and method of payment as well as any special requests.

      How is your personal data processed?

Jardim do Vau will use your personal data to create your booking form that is stored in our reservations Data Base. This information is vital and informs our various departments (housekeeping, food & beverages and accounts) of your arrival and departure dates as well as any special requests that you may have made.

Does Jardim do Vau collect any other personal information?

Yes. We also collect any information you may provide concerning your preferences and any other issues that might affect your stay at the resort so that we may provide you with the ultimate in client satisfaction.

Where is your personal data stored?

In our cloud data base that runs off the Jardim do Vau website, once you confirm your reservation. Only designated members of staff have access to your personal data, which is stored for the exclusive use of Jardim do Vau. 

In our digital Reservations Data Base in the company’s server once you confirm your reservation.

What measures does Jardim do Vau take to ensure that your personal data is protected?

Jardim do Vau employs various techniques to protect your personal data, including the use of secure servers, firewalls and encryption of data off applications and software platforms.

For how long will the data be retained?

We will retain your data only for the period that is required for its processing according to legislation in force.

Does Jardim do Vau share my personal data?

We will only share your necessary personal data to third parties, where:

We need to provide you with services you have requested, in which case you will be considered to have implied your consent, such as airport transfers, booking of excursions and meals.

It is required or authorised as a consequence of a legal order.

If you have failed to pay amounts relating to your stay at Jardim do Vau, and in this case your personal data will be transmitted to the legal firm dealing with such matters.   

Are there any international transfers of data?

Since Jardim do Vau handles its own data bases fully within the European Economic Community (EEC), we do not anticipate any international transfer of data.  

Are cookies used on the internet site or mobile app?

Yes. There could be cookies that will ask you to insert your name and e-mail address so that we can send you an exclusive offer to book your stay through our website. You may close the window at any time and simply ignore the message. However, you may search for rates and availability without providing or disclosing any personal information. Moreover, we do not record or track your IP address in any way.

Can you access, update or delete your personal information?

Yes. If, at any time you wish to access, update or delete your personal information you may do so by contacting us by e-mail or letter to our address at Jardim do Vau:


Postal Address: Jardim do Vau, Praia do Vau, 8500 – 820 Portimão- Portugal

We will only be able to delete your personal data that are not necessary to accomplish  with the legal requirements.